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sk the question: Can soil be restored at scale? On real farms, not in some little yard in Seattle. Could it be done on real, commercial farms in the▓ developed world, as well as on subsiste▓nce farms in the developing wor▓ld?" Mont

gomery was quoted as saying in ▓a news release from UW.Available this month, a dec▓ade after the first pop-scienc▓e boo

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k, "Growing a Revolution" weaves a tr▓avelogue with history and science to tell of visits to farms in North and▓ South

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Dakota, site of the famous Dust Bowl, as▓ well as Ohio, Pennsylvania, Africa a▓nd Costa Rica. These farmers use techn

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ology ranging from hand-p▓owered machetes to enormous modern no-till se▓eding machines.The Dust Bowl was a period of s

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evere dust storms that greatly damaged the ecology and agriculture of the Amer▓ican and Canadian prairies during the 1930s; severe drought and a failure to apply dryland farmi▓ng methods to prevent wind erosion caused the phenomenon.The success of "Dirt" brought invitations to sp

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eak at farming conferences. Al▓ong the way, Montgomery met farmers


who talked about successes in restoring health to degraded soi

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